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Diversity Challenge

Activity for Students

Marine Diversity Image

How many marine species are there? Where do they live? What habitats do they depend on for survival? These are some of the questions that marine scientists need to answer in order to understand marine biodiversity.

The study of marine species is a challenge. The oceans of the world are vast expanses of water that not only cover a wide area, but also a great depth. Exploration is hampered by human ability to survive in water environments. Innovative technology is required for research into an environment that is cold, dark, and under high pressure. It may seem that in studying the oceans, we face the challenges of exploring another planet.

Your Mission

You are part of a team of specialists whose mission is to determine the status of a particular species or group of related species and the effect that a proposed management strategy will have on the species. Your team has been invited to make a presentation at an international conference where other teams will be competing for project funding. Will your presentation earn your project funding?

Things to Remember

Your plan must have the following components:

1. a research question
2. an hypothesis
3. a control and a variable
4. a plan to collect and analyze data


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