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Ocean Teacher


Education Material and Information on "OceanTeacher" for Resource Managers

The objective of OceanTeacher is to support IODE training activities by providing training tools for Oceanographic Data and Information Management. Traditionally these tools were used during professional training but can also be used for self-training and continuous professional development. Since 2006 OceanTeacher has also been used as a repository for knowledge and training materials related to operational oceanography (GOOS) and marine meteorology (JCOMM).

The Ocean Teacher system is comprised of two elements:

  • The OceanTeacher Digital Library - contains a wide range of data management and information management materials, including software, quality control and analysis strategies, and reference documents.
  • The OceanTeacher Classroom - contains courses on oceanographic data and information management. The OT Classroom contains a collection of outlines, notes and links to miscellaneous documents in the OT Digital Library. Some Courses in the OT Classroom are available without registration whereas other courses require registering.
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