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2012-March Montreal meeting

In mid-March, Robert McFetridge (FBIP) organised a workshop, co-sponsored by NatureServe and Canadensys, to discuss the possibility of a national approach to publication of biodiversity data in Canada.  The workshop was attended by representatives of FBIP, Agriculture Canada, Public Health (PHAC), DFO-OBIS, NatureServe, CMN, BOLD, Canadensys.  Stinger Guala of BISON in the USA presented their approach to publishing US biodiversity data.  


At the workshop it was agreed that we should work collaboratively towards building a Canadian Institute for Biodiversity Information.  The exact nature of this “institute” was not discussed in detail (virtual or otherwise), but there is a consensus that a national platform is needed to aggregate and/or access Canadian biodiversity data from ongoing initiatives and institutions.


There will be a follow-up meeting in Ottawa in June to pursue this discussion and more directly involve and assess the needs of the business community.

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