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Interactive Maps

Marine Protected Areas

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has a number of marine protected areas designated under the Oceans Act and areas of interest at various stages of progress towards designation. These areas are ecologically significant, with species and/or properties that require special consideration. Marine protected areas are one among other management tools that contribute to the improved health, integrity and productivity of our marine ecosystems and help advance integrated ocean management.

Marine Protected Areas Interactive Map 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada MAPSTER

MAPSTER v2.2 is an internet-based GIS application that provides access to fish and fish habitat related information for a widely dispersed and diverse group of users. Over 200 datasets from British Columbia and the Yukon Territory can currently be viewed or queried through MAPSTER’s interactive map interface.



Ministry of the Environment HabitatWizard

HabitatWizard is a map-based tool provided by the Ministry of the Environment to spatially access detailed fish and fish habitat information over the internet.


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