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Life Science Data Repositories in the Publications of Scientists and Librarians

by Peter W. Kirlew, University of Minnesota

Abstract: Bibliographic analysis of the sciences literature indicates that several data repositories are used by science practitioners in their research publications, conference presentations and patents. These specialized resources offer data storage, search, visualization, and sharing capabilities to the science communities of which they are a part. Some science librarians also use data repositories in their publications and in the performance of their professional duties. As the need for established data archives continues to grow, both existing and future data repositories present potential opportunities for the data-related work of science librarians.


The Changing Role of Blogs in Science Information Dissemination

by Laksamee Putnam

Abstract:  In academia, research and publication are essential markers for indicating your expertise. However, the publication process can take a long time and today it is possible for information to be spread almost instantaneously. For scientists the ability to share research quickly increases cooperation and potentially makes their research stronger. There are numerous science blogs now available covering a wide range of topics including environment, medicine, life science and more. The blog entries are written by scientists all over the world and cover topics from mundane life to in-depth analysis of their current research. This paper will go over the blogs available to scientists today, how science blogs can contribute to the e-learning process for all audiences, and the pros and cons of reading and writing a science blog.


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