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OBIS Guides, Presentations and Posters

Folder contains series of OBIS documents related to data processing or general OBIS promotion
File OBIS Guide: An introduction to OBIS
File OBIS Guide: An introduction to OBIS - one page flyer
information extracted from the source document to create a one page flyer
Dalhousie University Seaside Course Lecture - OBIS and the Census of Marine Life
NAFO Science Council (2012 June)
NAFO Science Council (2014, 2015)
Coastal Zone Canada Conference 2012
File Poster: using OBIS for the Bay of Fundy
Using OBIS for the Bay of Fundy: a web portal for marine biogeography data by Mary Kennedy and Claude Nozeres
File Poster - OBIS and the St Lawrence Global Observatory (English version)
this poster is also available in french
File Poster - OBIS and the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (French version)
This poster is also available in English
File OBIS Canada schema
EXCEL file with field names, definitions and formats
AFS2012-American Fisheries Society annual meeting
142nd annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society, Minneapolis, MN, USA, August 19-23, 2012 presentation by OBIS-USA and OBIS Canada
OceanTeacher Digital Library & OBIS
Canadian Ocean Science newsletter
Canadian National Committee for SCOR (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research) CANADIAN OCEAN SCIENCE NEWSLETTER / LE BULLETIN CANADIEN DES SCIENCES DE L'OCÉAN. Newsletter Number 54, December 8, 2010 Page 7: OBIS Canada. Submitted by Nadine Templeman, North Atlantic Fisheries Centre, St. John’s NL
Nature Intrepretative centre presentation, Tadoussac, Quebec
Presentation given in August at a nature interpretation centre, Tadoussac, Quebec. French version of the conference at Coastal Zone Canada.
CaRMS, species checklists and OBIS
OBIS steering committee documents
Acadia University OBIS seminar
November 1, 2012
new folder for logos (Feb 2013)
Poster - Hudson 70 forams
folder contains the public pdf; powerpoint and images are accessible to logged in members - they are marked as private
International Ocean Institute training programme on ocean governance: policy, law and management
File Common names vs Scientific names
Dalhousie University Invertebrates lab presentation
Dalhousie University Seaside Course - Fish Ecology - June 2014
Applied Field Methods in Fish Ecology, BIOL/MARI/ENVS 3632
File Oceans Past Poster - GIS and Maritimes groundfish and small pelagic tagging dataset
Branton, Robert, M. Kennedy, W. Appeltans, M.G. Fowler, W.T. Stobo. A. Sherin, A. Baccardax Westcott, 2015. A public Geographic Information System for historic Canadian groundfish and small pelagic tagging studies conducted west of Newfoundland in years 1953-99. Poster presentation. Oceans Past V Conference, Tallinn Estonia, 18-20 May 2015.
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